Sindh, Punjab water share up as IRSA starts using digital tool

ISLAMABAD-Indus River System Authority has replaced the manual method of water calculation/ distribution among the provinces and has started using a computerized tool for water calculation which has increased the share of Punjab and Sindh by 0.8 million acre feet for the ongoing Kharif season.
IRSA has calculated the forthcoming season water criteria by using the water apportionment Accord Tool WAA-Tool developed by CSIRO, Australia, in collaboration with MOWR, IRSA, WAPDA and provincial stakeholders, said a letter by IRSA to provinces and other stakeholders.
Approximately, 0.8 MAF more water can be distributed between stakeholders whereby additional 0.46 MAF and 0.341 MAF would be available for Punjab and Sindh provinces respectively. A major component of the additional supplies would be available in early Kharif, said the letter.
It is worth to mention here that the MOU for the tool was singed among the Ministry of Water Resources, and Economic Affairs Division with the Australian government.
Recently, the new version 4.1 of this tool was tested by CSIRO and IRSA and shared by CSIRO for the stakeholders evaluation. However, a source told The Nation that all the provinces were on board during the entire process and there was consensus on the using of the tool. The source said that IRSA has already started distribution of water among the provinces under the new computerized calculations.
It is noted that while using the CSIRO WAA-Tool, larger and more equitable supplies can be distributed amongst the provinces as the tool is more efficient than manual claculations, said the letter.
The tool achieved this by replicating flow forecast probabilities at RIM stations and associated inflows, balancing between J-C and Indus zones on a 10-day basis while meeting various reservoir filling and emptying criteria.
The application of CSIRO tool has increased the share of the provinces by almost 0.8 MAF. As per the IRSA’s manual calculation for the upcoming Kharif season a total of 66.811 MAF of water will be available with 18.777 MAF of water in early Kharif and 48.034 MAF in late season. The share of Punjab was estimated to be 34.877 MAF while Sindh’s share was estimated 31.934 MAF. As per the manual calculation it was anticipated that in early Kharif Punjab will get 11.359 MAF while Sindh will get 7.418 MAF of water. Similarly in late Kharif Punjab will get 23.518 MAF and Sindh will get 24.516 MAF.  
However, the computerized calculation done through CSIRO tool the anticipated availability of water increased by 0.8 MAF to 67.612 MAF with Punjab share of 35.337 MAF and Sindh 32.275 MAF. Punjab will get 11.737 MAF water in early Kharif while Sindh will get 7.681 MAF.In Late kharif Punjab will get  23.600 MAF and Sindh will get 24.594 MAF. After the new calculation, the anticipated share of Punjab was increased by 0.46 MAF while Sindh Share was increased by 0.341 MAF.

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