Islamabad - The Price Differential Claim (PDC) of the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) on Petrol and High Speed Diesel (HSD) is likely to reach to Rs54 billion from March 1 to April 15.

For the month of March 2022, the receivables of the OMCs from government of Pakistan, on account of price differential claim (PDC) on Petrol and High Speed Diesel were Rs29 billion, official documents reveal.

As per the Petrol and HSD sales data available with The Nation, Rs22.7 billion are receivables from Government of Pakistan as a price differential claim (PDC) till 27th March 2022. The major share of 95 percent of the PDC is owned by nine big OMCs, while the remaining 5 percent is owned by small OMCs, the data reveals.

As per the data, the highest share of approximately 50 percent of PDC is from Pakistan State Oil followed by GO, TPPL, SPL, APL, CYNERGYICO, PUMA, BE, HASCOL and others. In the first fortnightly of March 2022, there was no PDC on Petrol while the PDC on High Speed Diesel was Rs2.28/litre. The industry sale of HSD for the first fortnightly of March was 292,157 tonnes and the PDC was Rs795,943,326.

For the second fortnightly, the PDC on Petrol was Rs24.07/litre while on HSD it was Rs41.43/litre. The sale of Petrol by the industry till March 27th was 310,313 tonnes while HSD was 288,732 tonnes.

For the first fortnightly of April (April 1 to 15), the PDC on Petrol is Rs24.07/litre, on HSD it is Rs41.43/litre, SKO Rs32.82/litre and Light Diesel Oil it is Rs30.74/litre, the documents reveal.

Regarding the ongoing fortnightly from April 1 to April 15, the accumulation of PDC on Petrol and HSD is likely to reach to RS25 billion. Based on the sale data of Petrol of around 310,000 tonnes during the first fortnightly of March 1 to March 15, the PDC on Petrol will be around Rs10.486 billion. Similarly, based on the HSD sale data of 288,732 tonnes during the first fortnightly of March, the PDC on Diesel is likely to be around Rs14.452 billion.