Due Process

Did someone say “protest” again? While the incomplete Senate elections are pointing towards a strengthened ruling coalition, the postponement of polls in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) comes with another call of protest by the Chief Minister. One is compelled to ask when will the KP as­sembly begin the actual task of governance. The ruling PTI itself blocked the way of Senate polls by not letting the mem­bers on reserved seats take their oaths and is now unhappy that the polls didn’t take place at the ascribed time. Unnec­essary interventions in due process and procedures are only hindering the space of constructive dialogue.

PTI’s stylised politics is turning grim by the day. Boycotts and horns-locked scenarios brought the infamous vote of no confidence on the former Prime Minister but very little has been learned since then. KP cannot function in isolation nor can the province be pushed into an administrative standstill. Raising an eyebrow over every single matter is a complete waste of time. Ideally, the speaker must administer the oath to the members elected on the reserved seats immediately so that Senate polls can also be conducted. PTI, instead of calling every matter a fraud, must earn its constitutional and democratic credibility and should put all energy into deliv­ering the mandate the people of KP have trusted them with.

Gandapur is the CM of a province that is under the shad­ows of resurging terrorism. So instead of chanting the slo­gans of shutting down the system, the language of rec­onciliation and action-orientation will serve us all much better. It is time the KP government stops playing the reb­el in its own province, owns the people, makes them feel heard, and puts governance on the right track. Let the con­stitutional process take its course and show a willingness to work with the federal government.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt