JI meeting reviews preparation for Bajaur by-polls

BAJAUR   -  Jamaat-i-Islami Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter’s general secretary, Abdul Wasiy, has urged local and senior party leaders to deploy their skills and ener­gy for the victory of party nominees in the April 21 by-election in Bajaur trib­al district. Speaking at a meeting of JI local leadership and senior leaders in Khar, Abdul Wasiy expressed confi­dence in their efforts and requested them to ensure the victory of JI aspi­rants with a substantial margin to en­hance the party’s image.

The meeting, attended by JI district chapter emir Sahibzada Haroon Rash­eed and senior leaders, discussed the election campaign supervised by party activists for candidates Haroon Rash­eed and Abid Khan for NA-8 and PK-22 respectively. Although the candidates have not fully launched their cam­paigns, the party leadership assured that they would do so with great en­thusiasm in the coming days.

Abdul Wasiy, addressing the meet­ing, expressed satisfaction with the party’s position and preparations for the election campaigns, emphasizing the importance of serious engagement as it impacts the party’s representa­tion in the National and Provincial Assemblies. He stressed the need for close coordination with party workers and strong connections with the pub­lic until polling day. Additionally, he cautioned against repeating mistakes from previous elections that led to the defeat of party candidates.

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