KP Food Authority continues raids, seizes contaminated items

PESHAWAR  -  The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Safety and Halal Food Authority conducted raids on various food businesses across the province on Wednesday, seizing contaminated eggs, milk, beverages, and sweets. The Food Safety teams, under the supervision of Director General Wasif Saeed, are actively carrying out inspections against the food adulteration mafia.

Raids were conducted on bak­eries, dairy shops, and cold drink units within Peshawar city, with samples of consumable items col­lected and examined through Mo­bile Food Testing Laboratories on the spot. Approximately 200 lit­ers of adulterated milk were re­covered from a dairy shop and promptly disposed of, resulting in the shop’s closure.

In another raid, approximate­ly 100 kilograms of substandard sweets, along with 500 grams of food-grade colors and expired eggs, were confiscated and dis­posed of from a bakery unit, lead­ing to its closure due to unsatis­factory hygiene standards. Fines were also imposed on two other bakery units and three tandoor shops for breaching health regu­lations.

Simultaneously, in Swat, a Food Safety team conducted inspec­tions in Mata Bazaar, uncovering 2,400 expired eggs from a single bakery unit. Heavy fines were lev­ied on the proprietors, and further legal action has been initiated as per the Food Safety Act.

Additionally, in Swabi, a sur­prise raid on a beverage distribu­tion unit led to the confiscation of approximately 4,000 liters of counterfeit and harmful beverag­es from the warehouse, resulting in its sealing.

Director General Wasif Saeed praised the successful operations and directed inspection teams across the province to ensure sys­tematic monitoring of sweet pro­duction units. He emphasized a ze­ro-tolerance policy towards food adulteration, reaffirming the Food Safety Authority’s commitment to eradicating food contamination as its primary mission.

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