Meeting discusses Capital Metropolitan Peshawar’s issues

PESHAWAR  -   A high-lev­el meeting was held regarding Capital Metropolitan Peshawar with Local Government Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Arshad Ayub Khan in the chair here on Wednesday.

Director General Capital Metro­politan Peshawar Waheedur Reh­man informed the meeting about the challenges faced and the fu­ture action plan. The provin­cial minister was briefed on the budget, revenue, expenditure, and the challenges faced by local gov­ernment affairs.

Capital Metropolitan Peshawar will also suffer a financial crisis if austerity is not adopted in a bet­ter way, Arshad Ayub Khan said.

“Don’t accept the wrong order from anyone, everyone will be held accountable,” the minister directed the DG and official of the Capital Metropolitan Peshawar.

Local Council Board vehicles should be immediately with­drawn from unauthorised officers and government employees, the minister directed the concerned officials. He said concrete steps should be taken to remove the supporters in the current local government system.

The details of the financial ex­penses incurred based on the last three months quotation of all te­hsil municipal administrations should be submitted, he told DG Local Government. 

The Monitoring and Evaluation Section of the Department of Mu­nicipalities should be woken up from the nightmare, Arshad Ayub said adding, Capital Metropolitan will not allow to compromise on the cleanliness of Peshawar. 

All TMAs will increase their rev­enue streams otherwise inactive TMAs will merge, the minister warned.

Minister directs to take back vehicles from unentitled officials

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Government Minister Arshad Ayub has directed to take back ve­hicles of local council board that are being given to unentitled of­ficers.

He was chairing a meeting to dis­cuss matters of Capital Metropoli­tan Peshawar here on Wednesday. The meeting was attended by Di­rector General Metropolitan Pe­shawar, Waheed-ur-Rehman and concerned officials.

Chairing the meeting, LG minis­ter directed to withdraw facility of transport from unentitled per­sons and take back allotted vehi­cles of local council board that are allotted to them.

He also sought report of amount spend during last three month on basis of quotations and said that metropolitan would be in finan­cial crises if austerity measures were not adopted.

He also directed Director Gen­eral to abide by rules and take measures to improve efficien­cy and output of monitoring and evaluation section. He also di­rected merger of non-functional town municipal administration and devising strategies to im­prove revenues.

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