Power consumers likely to pay additional burden of billions during next FY

ISLAMABAD  -  The consumers are likely to pay an additional burden of billions of rupees in their electricity bills during next financial year as Na­tional Electric Power Regulatory Authority has reserved judge­ment on up to 20 percent hike in the distribution margin of the power distribution companies (Discos) for the FY2024-25.

National Electric Power Regu­latory Authority has completed two days hearing on the all the 10 Discos petitions for revenue requirement of Rs 2.763 tril­lion for the next financial year 2024-25. The ex-WAPDA distri­bution companies (XWDiscos) had sought the National Elec­tric Power Regulatory Author­ity (NEPRA) nod for revenue requirement of Rs2.763 trillion for the next fiscal year 2024-25. 

Apart from this, the request includes Prior Year Adjust­ments (PYA) for the fiscal year 2022-23, alongside remaining amounts from previous years and other associated costs. The Discos have sought up to 20 percent hike in the distribution margin. The increase in revenue requirement will become part of the electricity base tariff for FY 2024-25. Nepra has reserved the judgement on the Discso pe­titions and will issue its decision after reviewing the data. Dur­ing hearing, Nepra was upset on Discos performance. Nepra expressed anger at IESCO over number of fatal accidents. On IESCO performance, it was ob­served by member Nepra Rafiq Shaikh that in the occurring of the fatal accidents IESCO is on the top compared to other Discos. Rafique Shaikh further said that 450 connections are pending in IESCO for more than a year.

The CEO IESCO informed that there is a shortage of 9,000 em­ployees in IESCO. While, 30% of the 11,000 existing staff are over 50 years of age, he said. Rafique Shaikh said that the explanation of IESCO on fatal accidents is that there is a shortage of manpower. The problem of manpower is not only of IESCO, but of all the Discos, he said. IESCO is a federal capital company, the whole sys­tem is underground, and it is on the top of list for fatal accidents, member Nepra said. If any other company talks like this, it makes sense but not IESCO.

Lahore Electric Supply Com­pany (LESCO) sought a revenue requirement of Rs852.05 billion, Faisalabad Electric Supply Com­pany (FESCO) Rs501.48 billion, Islamabad Electric Supply Com­pany (IESCO) Rs 400.48 billion, Hyderabad Electric Supply Com­pany (HESCO) Rs41.88 billion, Gujranwala Electric Power Com­pany (Gepco) Rs376.2 billion, Multan Electric Power Company (Mepco) Rs160.8 billion, Be­sides, it claimed prior year ad­justments of Rs88.54 billion and depreciation of Rs7 billion. The Quetta Electric Supply Company (Qesco) sought Rs236 billion in revenue requirements. The Tribal Electric Supply Company (Tesco) aimed for a regulator-approved revenue requirement of Rs92 billion. The Peshawar Electric Supply Company (Pes­co) requested Rs67.2 billion in revenue requirements. While, Sukkur Electric Power Company (Sepco) sought a revenue re­quirement of Rs35.7 billion.

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