RUDA, PCBDA start Sino-Pak collaboration for sustained uplift

ISLAMABAD  -   The Ravi Urban De­velopment Authority (RUDA) and the Punjab Central Business District Au­thority (PCBDA) have started Sino-Pak collaboration for sustainable develop­ment.

The high-level discussion between key stakeholders, including represent­atives from the RUDA and PCBDA held at the headquarters of China Machin­ery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) in Beijing on Wednesday.

According to Gwadar Pro, the meet­ings covered a wide range of topics in­cluding past ventures, project updates, financial concerns, and collaborative agreements. 

A mutual commitment was made to enhance collaboration through the ex­change of detailed project information, paving the way for long-term partner­ships and sustainable development in­itiatives.

The representatives from RUDA and PCBDA engaged with Oriental You­hong, a leading Chinese corporation re­nowned for its expertise in solar panel manufacturing and construction solu­tions. 

On the occasion, the discussions cen­tred on project synergy and collabora­tion prospects, aiming to utilize Ori­ental Youhong’s capabilities to bolster infrastructure projects in Pakistan.

Further strengthening the collabora­tion, a productive meeting took place where a delegation comprising ADM CEO Yasir Malik, Pakistan China Com­merce Alliance President Guo XiaoQi, Director BD IR Fatima Ali Khan, and As­sistant Director PR Sana Iqbal explored avenues for setting up an Electric Vehi­cle (EV) charging factory and upscale hotels within RUDA’s jurisdiction.

Key highlights from the discussions included plans for establishing an EV assembly and manufacturing plant in RUDA’s Industrial State, with a planned land requirement of 40 acres. 

Additionally, proposals for 5-star ho­tels, with a proposed land requirement ranging from 5 to 7 acres were dis­cussed. Keen interest has been shown, indicating tangible progress towards materialising these endeavours, with further exploration and detailed dis­cussions on technology transfer agree­ments and land acquisition slated for the next meetings. 

Furthermore, a team of technical ex­perts also visited the Zoomlines heavy industry complex where different types of machinery including cranes, smog busters, sprinkler vehicles, and municipal sweepers were shown to Pa­kistani delegates.

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