Turkmenistan ambassador, commerce minister discuss trade enhancement strategies

ISLAMABAD  -  Federal Minister for Commerce Jam Ka­mal expressed optimism about the im­minent signing of a Transit Trade Agree­ment (TTA) between Turkmenistan and Pakistan which is in its final stage.

Turkmenistan ambassador and Paki­stani commerce minister discussed trade enhancement strategies. Ambas­sador of Turkmenistan to Pakistan, Ata­jan Movlamov congratulated the Federal Minister for Commerce, Jam Kamal Khan, on his recent appointment and engaged in discussions aimed at bolstering trade relations between the two countries.

During the meeting, Minister Jam Kamal emphasized Pakistan’s commit­ment to strengthening bilateral ties with Turkmenistan, particularly in trade, for the mutual benefit of both nations.

The discussions centered on various aspects of Turkmen-Pakistani relations, highlighting cooperation based on princi­ples of mutual respect and equality. Both parties expressed interest in enhancing trade volumes, with a focus on exploring new routes and transit trade agreements. Ambassador Movlamov noted Turkmeni­stan’s potential to offer cost-effective electricity compared to local production in Pakistan, while also highlighting op­portunities for collaboration in energy sectors such as LPG and electricity.

Minister Jam Kamal expressed op­timism about the imminent signing of a Transit Trade Agreement (TTA) be­tween the two countries which is in its final stage and either shall be signed in Islamabad or Ashgabat Capital of Turk­menistan. Both officials agreed on the importance of exchanging delegations to facilitate smoother coordination and hasten the finalization of the TTA, aim­ing to boost trade between Turkmeni­stan and Pakistan. Meanwhile, Azhar Jatoi, the newly elected president of the National Press Club, led a delegation to meet with Federal Commerce Minister Jam Kamal Khan. The meeting, attended by key officials from both sides, focused on fostering collaboration between the media and government for effective communication and transparency in trade and commerce-related matters.

During the discussion, President Jatoi emphasized the importance of a strong relationship between the National Press Club and the Ministry of Commerce, pledging to facilitate close coordination in the future. Minister Jam Kamal Khan echoed this sentiment, highlighting the vital role of the press in informing the public about government initiatives and policies. President Azhar Jatoi under­scored the National Press Club’s role in representing journalists and facilitating constructive dialogue between the me­dia and policymakers. The meeting con­cluded with a mutual pledge to maintain open lines of communication and col­laborate on initiatives aimed at promot­ing economic growth and development through effective media engagement.

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