Saudi authorities assure to resolve Pakistani expatriates problem: Ambassador Manzoor

DAMMAM: Pakistan's ambassador to Saudi Arabia today said that the government was trying to solve the problems of the Pakistani expatriates who have been denied their wages and can't return back to their country and that Saudi authorities have also assured that the matter will be resolved soon.

Manzoor-ul-Haq, who had visited the Pakistani camp in Dammam, said that the companies operating in Saudi Arabia who had withheld the rightful wages and compensations of the Pakistani workers, had been instructed to pay them.

"We are in contact with the Saudi authorities," he said. "Companies have been instructed to pay the workers their dues," he added.

He said that the camp he visited to listen to the problems of the Pakistanis, consisted of 800 workers. Manzoor also disclosed that he had met the Minister of Justice in Saudi Arabia, who had also assured him that the problem would soon be resolved.

"The Saudi authorities have also given their assurance that the problem will soon be solved," he said.

Pakistani workers and expatriates stuck in Saudi Arabia have been denied wages since several months, which have caused them hardship and difficulties. The workers' work permits have also not been renewed, which have added to their worries.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had instructed the Minister for Overseas Pakistanis to immediately proceed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and look after the problems of the people there.

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