LAHORE - After a short spell of relief, the power outages in the City have resumed again badly affecting the routine life and the businesses activities which are already at their all time low owing to economic meltdown.

LESCO is currently facing a short fall of 300MW as against the demand of 4830 MW and has issued a loadshedding schedule of three to four hours. But in actual fact, many areas of the city are facing power outages for five to six hours daily. Consumers are also facing problems due to burning of transformers which are not being replaced. Speaking to The Nation, Amjad, a local from Jail Road said that it was unfair that the government had increased the electricity prices but it was not taking steps to stop the loadshedding.

Another resident from Shadman said: “A poor man works all day long, but when he returns home at night to take a sigh of relief, there is no electricity at that time. We live in a country where the government’s priorities are not to give relief to the people. Due to loadshedding, children cannot sleep all night and do not get up early for school”. Anas Shahid from Johar Town said that his online business had been greatly affected due to loadshedding. He said that all his work is done online and he works by the hour but he finds it difficult to complete his task. “Consequently, a huge chunk of his wage is cut off daily. Foreign exchange is earned from outside through online business, but unfortunately, despite being in the 21st century, we have been unable to meet our electricity needs till date”, he expressed disappointment. “The present era and the coming era is of digitalisation and if Pakistan does not meet its energy needs, then Pakistan won’t be able to move forward in future”, he added.

Humair Bhatti, a businessman from Queen’s Road, expressed his rage over the power outages and said: “Allah Almighty knows what will happen to this country. Main components of Pakistan’s economy like Business and Agriculture have been destroyed in this country. Living in this country is getting harder and difficult with every passing day. Electricity has been made so expensive that business expenses have surged beyond reach. Due to the newly imposed sales tax on electricity and other taxes, people are receiving electricity bills in thousands. The rulers of the country are at odds with each other and neither a policy is being made regarding the people nor a means of relief is being sought”.