Chinese companies boosting Pakistan’s economy through CPEC

Green Crockery exports reach $1 million despite pandemic challenges

LAHORE  -  Chinese companies working in Pakistan under CPEC have an important role in stabilizing Paki­stan’s economy, a Chinese company sent exports of one million dollars in difficult economic condi­tions, leaving Pakistan behind many major indus­tries. 

Green Crockery managed by Faisalabad Indus­trial Estate Development & Management Company under CPEC has recently sent exports to UK while preparations for sending more exports are in final stages. 

In 2020, the Chinese investor and CEO of the company, Zhang Qi, began struggle to set up a fac­tory on 50 acres of land in an industrial zone near Faisalabad to manufacture crockery famous for “Chinese Pot” in Pakistan. 

At that time, Covid-19 was at its peak. The Chi­nese investor told The Nation and Nawa-e-Waqt that there were difficulties, fear of Covid, but he did not lose heart, a team of doctors was always with him, if he felt bad.

“I would take immediate treatment and today, I achieved the target for which I started working under very difficult conditions.”

This was the era when no one left home due to COVID, but Zhang Qi left his homeland to work in Pakistan and provided the stability and prosperity to Pakistan’s economy and employment opportu­nities to about 1500 Pakistanis at their doorstep. 

This crockery was imported but now exported with the label “Made in Pakistan” a symbol of Paki­stan’s prestige and a favorite item from Lahore to Pe­shawar and Karachi which is the fruit of CPEC. Fifty percent of the country’s needs are being fulfilled. 

Chairman of the Institute of International Rela­tions and Media Research Mohammad Mehdi said that an award should be announced at the national level for Chinese friend Zhang Qi in recognition of his outstanding services, which would at least make him feel that Pakistan knows how to value its friends. 

Due to CPEC, Allama Iqbal Industrial City was established in Faisalabad for employment, exports and regional development under the management of FIEDMC where investors are provided with land at a very low price compared to other indus­trial zones of the country, Tanveer Jabbar, CEO of FIEDMC told this in the briefing. In addition to the Allama Iqbal Industrial City managed by FIEDMC, Value Addition City and M3 Industrial City have been established, where China is leading in invest­ment, while Turkey, Korea, UK, Canada, Germany, Holland and Saudi Arabia’s Companies are also involved. Allama Iqbal Industrial City has the facil­ity of duty-free import and tax exemption for 10 years of production. While in the zone, the work on FIEDMC Expo Center, Health City, labor apart­ments containing thousands of flats is in progress. Solar production plants and skills learning are new challenges in the energy sector.

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