Over 1.4m bales of cotton arrival recorded at ginneries till Aug 1

MULTAN - Seed Cotton (Phutti) equivalent to over 1.4 million (1,428,638) bales has reached ginning factories across Pakistan till Aug 1, 2023 with major contribution of over one million bales recorded from Sindh owing to early picking and its Sanghar district alone attracting more than half of the total arrivals so far.
According to a fortnightly report of Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA) issued to media on Thursday, Punjab ginning factories recorded cotton arrival figure of 388,568 bales while arrivals to ginneries in Sindh were recorded at one million plus (1,040,070) bales including 721,149 reaching ginneries in Sanghar district alone. Arrivals in Balochistan were recorded at 41,100 bales. Out of the total arrivals, seed cotton converted into bales was recorded at 1.3 million (1,327,847) bales including 955,278 bales in Sindh and 372,569 bales in Punjab. Exporters have bought 7500 bales of cotton in total and that too in Punjab while textile mills bought total over 1.2 million (1,284,819) bales including 346,438 bales in Punjab and 938, 381bales in Sindh bringing total sold out bales figure to 1,292,319 bales. Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) has not yet started procuring cotton, says the report. The stock of unginned Phutti was recorded at 100,791 bales and unsold bales at 35,528 bales bringing the total unsold stock with ginneries at 136,319 bales. Total 368 ginning factories were operational in the country, 70 more than the previous fortnight, including 182 in Punjab and 186 in Sindh.

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