Suspension of gas supply in North Karachi irritates Karachities  

KARACHI - Suspension of gas supply in North Karachi for about 24 hours caused significant hardships for the residents irritating the Karachities.  According to the details, disruption of gas supply posed severe challenges for the people of the area especially women who had to face problem in preparing meals and breakfast.  Although the gas supply was restored in some areas of North Karachi at 12 o’clock, the suspension continued for several hours without any prior notice, the residents informed. In response to the situation, the spokesperson of Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) stated that the gas supply was restored at 9:30pm on Wednesday, but it faced issues again in the early hours due to extremely low pressure in the system. As the situation unfolds, the residents of North Karachi are eagerly awaiting a swift resolution to the gas supply issue to alleviate their difficulties and restore normalcy to their daily routines.

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