PPP demands apology from MQM for past crimes

KARACHI-Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Waqar Mahdi responding MQM-P leaders said MQM-P should stop dreaming of holding Karachi ‘hostage’ and Muttahida leadership should apologize for their past ‘crimes’. Mehdi said fearing defeat, the MQM-P boycotted the municipal elections and to avoid defeat, MQM may opt out of the elections.
“MQM has been a partner of different governments for 40 years,” adding that, but it has never ‘served’ the people.
After ruling 16 months in the coalition government, former allies of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), now become political ‘rivals’ as the political temperature has been brewing to its peak level with each passing day since ECP announced general elections to be held on February 8. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto has now openly been criticising Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) supremo Nawaz Sharif in his public gatherings and press conferences for one reason or another.
Bilawal Bhutto advised Nawaz Sharif to trust his party and not to ask for help from other institutions to make ‘political space’ for PMLN in the upcoming general elections.
Addressing a press conference in Mithi, the PPP chairman also asked PMLN supremo to look only towards Lahore and Punjab—in terms of the political baseline of PMLN—as PPP has been looking towards people and highlighting the pro-people and pro-people policies. Bilawal also questioned the performance of the PMLN ministers in the 16-month stint of PDM government.

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