Sindh Govt all set to recover official vehicles illegally held by ex-ministers, MPs,

KARACHI-The Sindh government has set its sights on recovering official vehicles illegally held by former ministers, MPs, and officers. A special committee, headed by the Additional Secretary S&GDA, has been tasked with conducting a comprehensive investigation and initiating legal action against those found responsible. The committee’s mandate is twofold: first, to locate all missing government vehicles and secondly, to probe the unauthorized use of these vehicles by individuals not entitled to them. This investigation will span a decade, meticulously examining the records of vehicle purchases and usage from 2007 to 2016. No stone will be left unturned in uncovering instances where government vehicles were deployed for personal gain or outside designated purposes. The committee’s approach is multifaceted. Firstly, it will issue direct notices to all former ministers, MPs, and officers currently holding onto official vehicles. These individuals will be given a clear seven-day window to return the vehicles without any further delay. Failure to comply will prompt swift legal action.
Secondly, the committee will delve into the murky world of unauthorized usage. This will involve scrutinizing records, interviewing relevant personnel, and piecing together the puzzle of how government vehicles ended up in the wrong hands. The committee will have the authority to summon witnesses, demand documents, and employ all legal means necessary to expose the truth. This decisive action by the Sindh government sends a strong message: the era of impunity for misuse of public resources is over. Whether it’s an ex-minister flaunting their power or an officer bending the rules for personal convenience, no one is above the law. The committee’s investigation and subsequent legal action will serve as a deterrent, ensuring that the responsible use of government property becomes the norm, not the exception. The coming days will be crucial as the committee gathers evidence, identifies culprits, and prepares its case.

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