The story of weight loss: Focus on eating protein, simple carbs and Pilates

Dr. Asad Butt, a dietitian and health tech entrepreneur based in Lahore, embarked on a transformative weight loss journey that led him to shed 60 kilograms from his peak weight of 130 kilograms. At the age of 30, standing 180 cm tall, he faced a challenging period after suffering an ACV injury and a subsequent slip disc that left him bedridden. The lack of mobility and activity led to significant weight gain, but Dr. Butt didn't let this setback define him.

Name: Dr Asad Butt
Occupation: Dietitian & Health tech entrepreneur, Founder of Abby Butt Nutrition
Age: 30
Height: 180
City: Lahore
Highest weight recorded: 130
Weight Now: 70
Duration to lose weight: 1.5 yr

The journey began with a deep introspection and the realization that change was necessary for his health and well-being. He started by revamping his diet. Breakfast included eggs and sprouts paired with complex carbs and fruits, while lunch typically consisted of chicken or a vegetarian protein like paneer, accompanied by a complex carb. For dinner, he opted for simple carbs, ensuring there was a 4-5 hour gap before sleep. His pre-workout meal included soaked nuts and fruit, and he hydrated with 500-800ml of water. Post-workout, he favored protein-rich snacks like boiled eggs or sprouts. Dr. Butt also had his favorite low-calorie recipes: kiwi slush for summer and pumpkin soup for winter.

Cheat days were moderated with portion control, allowing him to enjoy a scoop of ice cream or a few pieces of chocolate. He aligned cheat days with social outings but kept his dietary restrictions discreet.

His workout regime was diverse, incorporating calisthenics, pilates, and sprints. Dr. Butt discovered that weight loss isn't just about diet and exercise; mindset plays a crucial role. He believes in a 50% mindset, 30% diet, and 20% workout approach.

Staying motivated was challenging, and he credits discipline for keeping him on track. Regular tracking of progress and celebrating mini milestones, like every 8kg lost, kept him focused.

Dr. Butt faced obstacles initially, particularly the mental hurdle of starting his fitness journey and the fear of judgment at the gym. The lowest point came when he experienced a weight rebound, leading to a loss of confidence and difficulty in finding clothes that fit. Despite these challenges, he remained determined.

Lifestyle changes were pivotal. Dr. Butt emphasized hydration, early dinners, sufficient sleep, and staying active throughout the day. He explored the concept of circadian rhythms, aligning his eating patterns with his body's biological clock.

From his journey, Dr. Butt learned that weight loss is more about habit building and lifestyle changes than quick fixes. He emphasizes the importance of adopting healthy habits and maintaining discipline to prevent weight rebound.

Looking ahead, Dr. Butt envisions a future where he remains disease-free, not just in physical health but also in mental strength, as he approaches his 50s. His story is a testament to the power of perseverance, discipline, and the right mindset in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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