China is willing to enhance Pak-China military ties to a higher level, said senior Colonel Tan Kefei, public relation officer at China's Ministry of National Defence (MND).

According to sources in a random press conference on December 31, Colonel Tan Kefei, highlighted cooperation and relationship between Pak-China military.

China-Pakistan “Sea Guardians 2020” joint maritime exercise and “Shaheen (Eagle) – IX” joint air force training were mentioned as common examples when Tan said the Chinese military has made practical exchanges and cooperation firm with foreign ties with reference to military training.

He said, these joint exercises and training have added to the mutual trust and exchanges between the Chinese military and its foreign constituents, and improved realistic training of the Chinese soldiers.

Tan also said, from December 7 to 25, the China-Pakistan Joint Air Force Exercise "Shaheen (Eagle) - IX" was held at the Pakistani air base in Bholari. 

The two sides exchanged a series of technical training during the joint exercise and achieved the mutual goals. China and Pakistan are all-time strategic cooperative partners. 

The bilateral relationship will continue to improve in the future. In recent years, under the strategic guidance of their leaders, the two countries have developed reliable cooperation in various fields, firmly supported each other in issues covering core interests, and built a closer China-Pakistan community of shared future anew , says Tan.

He also emphasized that the military relationship between China and Pakistan serves as an important pillar for their bilateral relations. 

Since the very beginning of this year, the two militaries have been successful in maintaining close high-level strategic communication and have carried out practical cooperation in related fields, checking their brotherhood and friendship enabling them to go through the odds together.

“The year of 2021 marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of China-Pakistan diplomatic relations. China is willing to strengthen ties like epidemic control, joint exercises, military equipment and technology, and logistics to push their military relationship to a higher level,” he added.

At the end of this media conference, this year, he added the Chinese military has been committed to its responsibility as the military force of a major power, it has executed in-depth international military cooperation, and has faithfully surpassed its international duties, says Tan. Moreover, he added leaving the obligations met, it opposed the hegemony, tyranny and bullying. He further added that our military has protected international justice, safeguarded world peace, and actively promoted the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.