Rising divorce rate

 Divorce is a big scared of every women because due to divorce many women lose their self-respect which they never want to be done with them. But it is not a new issue that we should say that it is really painful. This is happening before many centuries ago. Divorce is really a bad thing but still people who are couple they go for doing this work like their daily activities. Even in Islam, giving divorce is a big sin because it destroys the relationship, the trust, all the special moments that a couple spend together. Before Pakistan was normal like other countries in term of divorce.

But now in Pakistan, everyday divorce rate is being increased and breaking the relationship. It is also common in the country, even it pushed the love marriages rate back and it is now being under the control. For the small and small things the couple divorce each other. That is very bad for the relationships and for the country as well. The most painful thing is that Pakistan government is not taking any serous actions about the rising rate of divorce. The government should ban divorce in the country and keep the relationship alive.


Kech, June 18.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt