Hundreds of Afghans preparing to enter Pakistan to seek refuge

Fast deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD - With fast deteriorating security situation across the war wricked country, hundreds of resident Afghan families are preparing to move towards Pakistan with the hope to take refuge.

According to knowledgeable Afghan sources in Pakistan, these families have decided to escape a bloody looming civil war between Taliban and Afghan government sponsored militias.

Informed sources said these Afghan families had no option but come to Pakistan to seek refuge. However, Pakistani authorities have yet to take a decision whether to open gates for such people or not. 

On its part, Pakistan’s powerful Parliamentary Committee on National Security was briefed by top military’s top leadership last week about fast evolving situation in Afghanistan and its consequences for Pakistan. 

Arrival of new refugees from Afghanistan was also discussed but a policy decision is yet to be taken by the government in such event.  

On the other hand, Afghan sources are expecting more than 500,000 new Afghan refugees in the event of civil war in Afghanistan, some Afghans are contradicting this number saying it could go up to one million new arrivals from Afghanistan in the event am impending civil war.

Security situation in Afghanistan is getting worse after Afghan government and Taliban failed to resolve their differences about future setup in the country and withdrawal of US-led NATO forces from Afghanistan by 11 September this year.         

The US has also abandoned Bagram Airbase, its key operational base in Afghanistan that has led to cause more security fears among ordinary Afghans.

Taliban had taken over dozens of key districts since May and they continue to their offensive against the Afghan security forces across the country. Lately, Afghan government has allowed civil militias in key provinces to forestall Taliban offensive.

Pakistan has been hosting millions of Afghan refugees since 1970s during the Soviet–Afghan War. By the end of 2001, there were over four million. Most have returned to Afghanistan since 2002 but 1,435,445 still remain in Pakistan as of December 2020.

According to UNHCR statistics, there are still 1.4 million registered Afghan refugees, they are issued Proof of Registration (PoR) cards to provide them temporary legal stay and freedom of movement in Pakistan.

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