Stresses improvement in Pakistani business climate for ease of doing business for US investors.

ISLAMABAD   -  US Special Representative for Commercial and Business Affairs, Dilawar Syed has urged Pakistan and the US to seize opportunity to boost commercial and economic ties.

Syed visited Islamabad from July 1-3 as part of a multi-city trip to Pakistan. During his visit, the SR underscored the US government’s commitment to growing Pakistan-US commercial and economic ties.In his meetings with Pakistan’s ministers of Finance, Commerce, and Foreign Affairs, SR Syed stressed the decades-long history of economic partnership between the United States and Pakistan.

“US-Pakistan trade and investment cooperation is an ongoing, essential part of our bilateral relationship. In my discussions with Pakistani leaders from government, business and civil society, we are exploring concrete ways in which we can build on that relationship to benefit both of our countries,” he noted.

He added: “The United States continues to encourage Pakistan to improve the business climate to make it easier for U.S. businesses to invest, operate, and create jobs. US companies can introduce new technologies and generate returns that translate into higher incomes for local workers and capital for additional investments.”

He further said, “We already have a strong base. We hope Pakistan will continue implementing reforms to make it more attractive for global investors.” SR Syed also met with representatives from the Board of Investment where he noted that the United States is Pakistan’s largest single-country export market, and one of Pakistan’s largest sources of foreign investment, adding, “We must capitalise on that potential and nurture even greater economic ties.”

As he listened to representatives of women-led businesses, incubators, and chambers of commerce, SR Syed stressed that “the United States will broaden our bilateral trade, boost investment, and expand entrepreneurial and educational opportunities to build on 75 years of our relationship.”