Last summer, Messi sent a fax saying he wanted to leave the club, but was forbidden to exit.

FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi have reached an agreement on the football star’s 10-year deal worth $293 million, as well as his remuneration as a player, Catalan media reported.

According to the Catalan-based daily, SPORT, the contract would include two more seasons on the field for the Catalan giant, two seasons with Inter Miami CF, and six years in an off-field role that has yet to be defined.

Messi 'Deserves More' But Leo is 'Not About Money', Barcelona President Says

On Friday, Barcelona president, Joan Laporta i Estruch, said that “Lionel Messi’s renewal is going well”. 

“It’s not a done deal... but it's going well,” he added.

However, there is one point of disagreement which is Messi’s salary once he returns to Barcelona after his playing career: although the sides reportedly agree that it should consist of a fixed sum and bonuses, Laporta maintains that the fixed sum should be a small, more symbolic, award and that the bonuses should make up the bulk of his salary.

Last summer, Messi sent a fax saying that he wanted to leave the club, with Barcelona insisting that his 700 million euro ($853 million) release clause would have to be met, which prompted the football star to stay. ESPN later reported that Barca president Laporta was working on a two-year deal for Messi, with the option for an additional season.