May 9 vandalism negates PTI claims of supporting democratic values: Experts

PESHAWAR    -    Besides the negative socioeconomic and psychological effects, the May 9-10 vandalism have also negated the tall claims of PTI of supporting democratic values, reconciliation and political tolerance in society.

The ransacking of public and private properties has widened the gaps between Pakistan Tahrik-e- Insaf and Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) and has split PTI into different groups.

“A red line has been drawn between the supporters of democracy and attackers of the government and defence installations after May 9 vandalism and its negative effects would continue to haunt PTI for many years,” said Prof Dr A H Hilali, former Chairman Political Science Department, University of Peshawar while talking to APP.

He said that attacks on defence installations and statues of the defenders of Pakistan has exposed the wicked faces of the attackers and abetters, adding the entire nation stood up for the support of the armed forces of Pakistan and have strongly condemned the assaults on the defence installations on May 9-10.

He said that arrest of political leaders were not a new thing in subcontinent including in Pakistan as in the past former prime ministers Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, and former president Asif Ali Zardari have faced jails with steadfastness.

He said it was unprecedented that violent protests and attacks on the government and defence installations were made by the horde of a political party after the arrest of Imran Khan.

He said Imran Khan should seriously think about his way of politics that why founding leaders including former Governor Sindh Imran Ismail and Sindh PTI president Ali Zaidi, former Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry, former KP chief minister Pervez Khattak, ex federal minister Shereen Mazari and many others stalwarts have separated ways from PTI.

Ikhtiar Wali Khan, PML-N KP spokesman, said that horde of PTI workers did not spare even Radio Pakistan Peshawar’s building and burnt it to ashes on May 10, thus showing no regards for culture and heritage

He said attacks on the national broadcaster and APP Offices was a deep conspiracy to silence media and deprive millions of people of education, information and infotainment.

The PML-N leader said that Radio Pakistan was not only a government institution but also served as an academy for young writers, musicians, artists, newsmen and script writers since 1935 till todate and attack on it was tantamount an assault on our cultural heritage and media.

Being voice of the nation, he said the national broadcaster was attacked in a bid to stop it from spreading the truth.

Ikhtiar Wali said the violent mob had also burnt Chaghi mountains model constructed in memory of the nuclear explosions of May 28, 1998 in the premises of PBC building Peshawar, adding the enemy countries had not dared to damaged defence installations and statues of martyrs the why the horde of a political party that deceived people on the name of change has done on May 9-10.

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