Promoting Stability

Pakistan and Iran have been working to not only improve their relations, but to strengthen the region through collaboration between key states. The latest initiative taken towards this involves Iran’s commitment towards creating a naval alliance with Saudi Arabia, three other Gulf states as well as Indian and Pakistan. If such an alliance was to form, there is no doubt that it would prove to be protective for the region and promote its image as one homogenous unit. It is good to see several states put aside their differences for the betterment of their surroundings.
Over the course of the last month, several taught relationships between countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran have cooled down. In fact, economic pacts and naval alliances are now on the table for regional states to be a part of, in pursuance of the larger initiative of encouraging collaboration. Just recently, Pakistan authorised barter trade with Iran, Afghanistan and Russia on specific goods like petroleum and gas so that the region could bypass restrictions imposed by the West. With a potential naval alliance on the table, there is a greater scope for interaction amongst key states of this region, and perhaps a chance for Pakistan to make better links with those around it.
While there is plenty of information that Iran has to divulge about its proposed alliance, this could be an opportunity for Pakistan to engage with gulf states more. Furthermore, this could also be a way through which we engage with India, perhaps on better terms, and promote a positive relationship as part of one larger agreement. But all in all, this alliance could pave the way for a safer and more united region which prioritises looking out for each other rather than being consumed by internal conflicts.

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