Time has come for people of Sindh to get rid of f PPP govt: Foreign Minister


BADIN    -   Pakistan Tehreek –i-Insaf Vice-Chairman and Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that time has come for people of Sindh to strengthen PTI hands and get rid of PPP govt and its feudal lords who have plundered public resources in Sindh.

Addressing a massive public gathering in Badin, Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that number of participants of PTI’s march was increasing with every passing day on the other hand the PPP’s ongoing march that was carried out on government resources was faltering.

He said that PTI’s march will reach Karachi on March 6, but the sign of panic are visible still now, saying that Bilawal don’t get panicked as it is just beginning. He said that Sindh government was obstructing issuance of health card. He said that time had come to offer last rituals of arrow as Sindh could be united and developed only after braking the arrow. PPP played Sindh card and formed government for five times but they only served their own interests and delivered nothing for development of Sindh, Qureshi stressed upon people to take right decision.

Addressing the public, Dr Fehmida Mirza said, “We have rejected offers and high positions by provincial government for the sake of people of Badin.” She said that selected provincial government was imposed on the Sindh by snatching the right of vote of people. She said that within last 14 years all resources of Sindh were smashed. Dr Fehmida Mirza said that provincial government had failed to provide justice to people of Sindh.

Agencies add: PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Thursday said Prime Minister Imran Khan enjoyed confidence of both the masses and the Parliament. The popularity of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was on the rise as evident from the increasing number of participants of Sindh Haqooq March with each passing day, he said while addressing huge public gatherings in Umerkot and Mithi.

Earlier at the start of march, he told a press conference in Mirpurkhas that there was no grouping in the PTI as its parliamentarians firmly stood by the PM and Asif Zardari would not be able to buy their loyalties. The Pakistan Muslim League-Q had also announced to keep its alliance with the PTI intact and the opposition’s no-trust move would fail like that of its failure to stop passage of State Bank bill from the Parliament, he added. He was accompanied by Member of the National Assembly Makhdoom Zain Hussain Qureshi, Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh, PM’s Special Assistant on Sindh Affairs Arbab Ghulam Rahim, MNA Lal Malhi and other PTI leaders. On the sixth day, the march started from Mirpurkhas and proceeded to Badin. A large number of people along with the PTI party workers warmly welcomed the participants at various places by showering flower petals amid slogans.

Qureshi said despite use of government resources, the march of Pakistan Peoples Party was faltering. Its leaders were demanding accountability of only three and a half years instead of that of the public wealth they had plundered for 15 years.

There was panic in the ranks of Sindh ruling party as PTI’s flags were being removed in Karachi ahead of its march’s arrival there on March 6, he added. Bilawal should not be panicked as it was just the beginning of the PPP’s downfall. They would continue their movement for the rights of Sindh people, he added.

The PTI vice chairman condemned an attempt by the PPP workers to stop the Haqooq-e-Sindh March in Kandiari. On the other hand Bilawal, who was going to Multan today, would not face such reaction from the PTI workers there, he added.

At Umerkot, Qureshi thanked the local people for casting some 100,000 votes in the last general election braving the use of force by PPP.

He said the PTI’s Federal Government had provided health cards to 1.6 million residents of Tharparkar district, but the Sindh government blocked the issuance of health cards in other districts.

The Sindh government had received Rs 9,000 billion funds from the Centre in 14 years, and according to official documents Rs 1,400 billion out of them had been embezzled, he added.

The PPP, he said, had played the ‘Sindh card’ and formed government for five times in the province, but its leadership served their own interests and did nothing for the people.

He had selected Tharparkar for election because it was situated at Pakistan-Inda border and I was there to defend ideological boundaries of Pakistan, Qureshi added.

He asked the Sindh people to join the ranks of PTI if they wanted a bright future for their young generations. Time had come to “break the arrow” by stamping “bat” in the elections, he added.

Qureshi told the media that he had a telephonic conversation with vice president of European Union to discuss the Ukrainian situation. They had the consensus that dialogue was the only way to resolve conflicts, he added.

He also had a conversation with his Romanian counterpart about the safe evacuation of Pakistani students from Ukraine, the minister said. The Pakistani Embassy in Kyiv had helped the Indian students and served them food as well, he said.

PTI leaders Makhdoom Zain Hussain Qureshi, Haeem Adil Sheikh and Arbab Ghulam Rahim also addressed the public meetings.