PTI chairman brought miscreants during court appearance: ATC Judge

Islamabad Police say cameras deliberately damaged around Judicial Complex

ISLAMABAD   -   Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) Judge Raja Jawad Abbas on Friday ob­served that Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI)’s Chairman used to give exam­ples of Britain but he did not respect the court and brought thousands of people along with him during his ap­pearance in judicial complex.

During hearing of a case, the judge remarked that Imran Khan had brought around 2,500 people along with him during his appearance in last hearing. 

He observed that the political par­ty was named with ‘justice’ but in court the activists had been chant­ing slogans. Judge Raja Jawad Abbas said the court had the CCTV footage of the incident during the appear­ance of Imran Khan.

It may be mentioned here that Im­ran Khan was appeared before the ATC on February 28, in an FIR regis­tered by Sangjani Police Station.

However, another FIR was regis­tered against him in Ramna Police Station regarding vandalizing in ju­dicial complex Islamabad.

Also, Islamabad Police on Friday said that all the cameras were work­ing properly around Islamabad Ju­dicial Complex and some of the ac­cused deliberately damaged them.

In a statement, the police spokes­man said the personnel of the Secu­rity Division and Operations Divi­sion were on duty as per the security plan. However, the security cordon was deliberately breached by the ac­cused who assaulted the officials to put pressure on the court.

The security personnel deployed inside the judicial complex refrained from the use of force due to respect for the court premises and restraint was exercised to ensure the pres­ence of the accused in the court.

The spokesperson said no jam­mers were installed in the judicial complex. PTI workers dressed as lawyers forcibly opened the outer gate from inside the court premises and they have been identified.

He said that police and FC re­frained from using force due to re­spect for the court premises.

Islamabad Capital Police will co­operate in all judicial proceedings, he added. Police have appealed to avoid baseless and false accu­sations as misinformation is be­ing spread to create confusion and uncertainty among the public. Re­spect for law enforcement agen­cies is imperative and senior law­yers are expected to avoid baseless accusations against their law en­forcement agencies.

The matter is under hearing in the court and more details will be re­vealed in the process of investiga­tion, the police spokesperson said.

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