Sherry for creating mass awareness about wildlife conservation, protection

ISLAMABAD    -    Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Sherry Rehman on Friday said that on this World Wildlife Day, it was very important to create awareness among the public and all stakehold­ers about the importance of wildlife conservation and take steps to protect them.

In her message on World Wildlife Day, the fed­eral minister said that public awareness and stake­holder engagement were a must in order to ensure the survival of these valuable resources and assets for future generations. Senator Sherry Rehman said World Wildlife Day was being celebrated all over the world including Pakistan. The purpose of the day was to spread awareness about wildlife conservation and their rights, she added. 

The conservation of nature and wild areas and wildlife was the duty of every person living on earth, she added. The Minister underlined that World Wildlife Day was very important for Paki­stan. “Pakistan is home to wildlife that includes rare snow leopards, Indus dolphins, deer, birds and countless other species,” Sherry Rehman added.

Unfortunately, she said due to various factors like increasing population, construction, poach­ing, illegal wildlife trade and pollution, wildlife in Pakistan was facing threats. “We have taken many steps to protect our wildlife. These include the es­tablishment of protected areas and enforcement of laws and regulations to prevent illegal hunting and trade in wildlife,” Senator Sherry Rehman said.

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