Audacious leader

Every nation needs an audacious leader who can raise a voice for the voiceless people. In the 1900s era, when Muslim leaders had the power to challenge any nation for rights, many leaders took effective steps for the betterment of their nation and the Muslim ummah. Influential leaders such as Zul­fiqar Ali Bhutto, Shah Faisal of Sau­di Arabia, Anwar Sadat of Egypt, Muammar Qadhafi of Libya, and the Palestinian icon Yasser Arafat had the vision to make the Muslim ummah powerful in the world.

Their collaborative work creat­ed a steady Muslim ummah global­ly. However, many issues remained unsolved, such as the Palestine and Kashmir issues. At present, the sit­uation in Palestine is grim. Isra­el has been carrying out a brutal genocide, and innocent children are crying out for help. The Kash­mir issue, on the other hand, has been persisting for a long time. The Muslim ummah is helpless, and no leader has the ability to take strin­gent action against these injustices. There was a time when the Muslim ummah collectively made immedi­ate decisions to overcome hurdles.

However, today’s Muslim leaders seem helpless and crippled. Our situation is far from that of the 1900s. We need strong leadership that can unite all Islamic coun­tries and address global Muslim issues such as those faced by the Palestinians and Kashmiris. Mus­lim countries must choose capable leaders who strive to tackle these issues on a global scale.



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