Major relief measures taken to control Gwadar flood

ISLAMABAD   -   A compre­hensive relief initiative is un­derway for Gwadar, the focal point of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and its neighbouring areas fol­lowing the heavy rainfall that caused significant damage in several parts of Balochistan.

This was stated by Chair­man Sardar Shahid Ahmed Leghari of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS), ac­cording to Gwadar Pro.

The aim of this initiative is to swiftly address the urgent needs of the communities af­fected by the natural disas­ter. In an emergency response meeting, attended by the Sec­retary General and key de­partment heads, Chairman Leghari issued clear direc­tives to immediately start res­cue and relief operations.

“We have activated the op­erations room at PRCS Na­tional headquarters to closely monitor the evolving situa­tion,” Chairman Leghari stat­ed, highlighting the organiza­tion’s proactive approach in crisis management.

In collaboration with the program leaders and the pro­vincial branch in Balochistan, PRCS has developed a detailed action plan focused on provid­ing timely assistance to those affected by the severe weather. Assessment teams have been deployed at district and provin­cial levels to evaluate the extent of the damage and carry out es­sential rescue and relief efforts.

Chairman Leghari empha­sized the importance of quick­ly mobilizing relief supplies from warehouse reserves to meet the immediate needs of the affected population. 

The action plan prioritizes providing essential household non-food items, deploying healthcare units, establish­ing public health infrastruc­ture, promoting personal hy­giene practices, and ensuring access to clean drinking water for those affected.

“Maintaining transparent communication, PRCS is in con­stant contact with the Provincial Disaster Management Author­ity (PDMA) and local district administrations to coordinate efforts and optimize resource utilization,” Chairman Leghari affirmed. Highlighting the ur­gency of coordinated efforts, Chairman Leghari reiterated the organization’s commitment to swiftly assisting those affect­ed in Gwadar and surrounding districts of Balochistan. Despite the challenging circumstances caused by the relentless rain­fall, PRCS remains dedicated to providing assistance in every possible way.

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