Pak-China cooperation to explore chemical industry digitalisation

BEIJING   -  Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy of Pakistan in China, Ghulam Qadir led a Paki­stani delegation to visit TDD E-commerce Company, a chemical e-commerce platform under IBI Guolian providing digital supply chain and industrial big data services. 

The two parties engaged in discussions and exchanges regarding potential coop­eration in chemical industry, with the aim of jointly building a digital trading service platform. During the visit, the delegation toured the data center and the Guolian Cloud Digital Experience Hall, where they gained in-depth insights into TDD’s opera­tional model, business scope, as well as the technical capabilities and application sce­narios of the Guolian Cloud, according to local media. In the subsequent discussions, the two sides explored various possibilities for international cooperation, primarily fo­cusing on the joint construction of a digital trading service platform, a localized B2B e-commerce platform and a China-Pakistan digital supply chain service system. 

Ghulam Qadir stated during the discus­sions, “Pakistan will soon launch economic zones and industrial parks to provide a fa­vourable business environment and strong support for enterprises. The achievements of TDD platform in the digital transforma­tion of chemical industry are commendable. Leveraging TDD’s operational experience and advantages in the entire industry chain, we want to jointly create an international one-stop full-chain service for various in­dustries in Pakistan.” Liu Zhai, CEO of TDD, provided a detailed introduction of the TDD platform and its global strategic layout. She also shared views on the development of TDD’s cross-border e-commerce and the current business operations in Pakistan. Integrating the upstream and downstream segments of the chemical industry chain in Pakistan is an important strategic layout for TDD’s cross-border e-commerce. To do that, TDD will cooperate with Pakistani enter­prises and continuously expand the scope of services. Cooperating with the Belt and Road Initiative countries, we are also vigor­ously expand a global supply chain based on the industrial internet platform, she added. In March, TDD will send a delegation to par­ticipate in the Pakistan Coating Show 2024 and conduct market research on the local chemical industry. TDD will organise vari­ous activities, including visits to Pakistani companies, exchanges with associations and governments, together with other Chi­nese enterprises of the industry.

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