Shariah course for judges concludes at IIUI

ISLAMABAD   -   The four-month 65th regu­lar Shariah course for the judges, Qazis, attor­neys, law officers and prosecutors,organized by the Shariah Academy of the International Islamic Uni­versity Islamabad (IIUI), concluded with a closing ceremony at the Faisal Mas­jid. As many as 26 partici­pants from various areas and departments across the country attended the course. They covered im­portant topics such as con­temporary legal issues, international labor law, and medical issues related to Islamic law. They were also given assignments of book reviews and term papers. The participants visited various courts and relevant ministries across Pakistan. In addition, the participants visited Turkey and Jorden to exchange experiences and further broaden the exposure by visiting the ministries of justice and courts in both the countries. The course participants also visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and performed Umrah in the final stage of the course. Addressing the closing ceremony, IIUI President Dr. Hathal Homoud Alo­taibi said that the Islamic legal system had a legacy of knowledge. The Muslim ancestors guided the world about the equal rights of men and women in the light of teachings of Islam. He discussed historic achieve­ments of the Muslims in the field of law, medical, applied sciences and gover­nance. Dr Hathal said that the life of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and the era of Khulfa-e-Rashi­deen was a great source of guidance to balance “our lives and maintain justice within the society”.

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