Taylor Swift says Singapore holds special place in her heart

SINGAPORE  -  Taylor Swift recalled her childhood memories at­tached to Singapore during her Eras Tour’s first show in the country. In a fan-made video, the glob­ally known musician shared that her mother An­drea grew up in Singapore with her parents dur­ing her concert on Saturday. Swift said, “So a lot of the time when we’d come here on tour, my mom would take me and drive me past her old house, where she used to go to school. So I’ve been hear­ing about Singapore my whole life.” The musician added, “To get to come here and play a show this big with so many beautiful, generous people who are essentially honoring my family with what you just did with that song, it means the world.” 

In the end of her heartfelt remarks, the Lover singer extended her love towards her fans, say­ing, “We’re going to have a blast tonight.” For the unversed, Swift will be performing six shows in Singapore as a part of the global Eras Tour. The Bad Blood singer is expected to resume her tour in Paris, France in May.

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