Visionless 'leaders' of 3.72%

Among these ‘leaders’ not all are politicians, majority of them are self-claimed minority rights activists' and ‘senior pastors'

Leadership is a God-gifted trait and only few are blessed with it. It is such a unique characteristic that no one can adopt it through nepotism and favoritism. Leaders are honest, sincere, hard workers and fearless. But, unfortunately being a ‘leader’ (both political or religious) among minorities and enjoying its perks is not a new trend. The poor and vulnerable segment of the society that comprises of approximately 3.72 percent of overall population is bearing such ‘leaders’ since long. But it is not that much easy to be a leader among minorities; there is a tough criteria for it. One should be an apathetic, fraudster and dumb to acquire this privilege of being a ‘leader’. Such individuals are in abundance so there is no shortage of supply at all. Such ‘leaders’ will keep erupting and things will remain unchanged for centuries. 

Among these ‘leaders’ not all are politicians, majority of them are self-claimed minority rights activists' and ‘senior pastors’. These all have their own stakes and benefits. But personally I believe they are not guilty in this case. After getting fourteen years of education and failing to acquire any job; they were left with no other option and they have to try their luck in the field of ‘leadership’ to make ends meet. So if we call them accidental leaders it will be relevant too. But if we look at the other side of picture there is another reason why they all prefer to get in to this field of ‘leadership’. There is one-word answer to this simple question and that is 'PRIVILAGES' they get. As getting countless wealth and fame is not possible through other means.

On the other hand, we should not underestimate the competency of such leaders (political and religious). They know very well how to work for their own prosperity and well-being. They are much loyal to their respective political parties rather than to whom they are representing. Being a leader of minorities, they consider raising slogans in the favour of their political parties and praising the parties’ chiefs as their primary obligation. Such courageous leaders do not even hesitate to sell church properties when it comes to enhancing their personal bank balances. They leave no stone unturned in grabbing dollars in name of welfare. Their luxuries are dependent on miseries of the community. It is bitter truth that they will not get a single penny if the community begins to flourish; therefore, they are committed to ensure poverty and illiteracy among the community.

Similarly, religious leaders of minorities - who consider themselves senior physicians as well - also fall in the same category. If we critically observe the rise in their standard of living since they joined this profession (which they call it service), one can get a clear picture of how things work under the name of this sacred profession. Ironically, these ‘wise men’ are in hibernation mode when the world needs them, especially nowadays when the Covid-19 has hit the whole world badly.

Some questions that erupt through my mind are; Why do minorities lack real leadership? Why is there a severe scarcity of genuine individuals who can lead the community in effective and efficient manner? The answer is even more simpler. Those who have wisdom, vision and leadership skills are engaged in their respective professions and they are not willing to enter in to this grubby competition of leadership. They consider it a dirty game and they are afraid of the system which has been badly manipulated since ages. They want change but not on the cost of their own sacrifices. Resultantly, many brilliant minds choose exodus and they prefer to settle abroad along with their families. I personally believe that they are equally responsible for victimization of the community. If only, they come forward to play their due role, things will begin to change with the passage of time.

The writer is a former member of the staff.

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