Archival videos of squash players

I am a Squash fan in Canada who has long followed and admired the great contribution to world Squash by Pakistans great players. From Squash icons Hashim, Jahangir, Jansher and the many players in between, Pakistan must be proud to have so many players who dominated Squash for so many years. I find it shameful and cannot explain why the present and former executives of the Pakistan Squash Federation have not sought and collected movies of matches of these players who played before the advent of the video-cam. Most sports- Tennis, Football, Golf, etc have vast collections of the early players. It is demeaning to the honor and memory of these players of the sport that little or no visual record exists. I have tried for many years to collect archival Videos/DVDs of Pakistan squash players with scant success. I had written to the Pakistan Squash Federation many years ago commenting on this situation and never received a reply. There may be still some hope if there are people interested in correcting this situation. It would involve the help of Pakistans newspapers and television stations sports departments to appeal to the public for people who have been involved in Squash to look for and contribute any visual material (movies and Videos) of early Pakistan squash matches to a central organisation formed to house this treasure. Hopefully, they would make this material available, in some manner, to Squash fans everywhere. JACK HOFFMAN, Canada, November 2.

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