Moreover, the poor financial discipline characterized by inefficiency and corruption on the part of the ruling elite has rendered the national economy in total chaos, much beyond common mans imagination. Wasnt it enough embarrassment for the government when donors, including the 'friends of democratic Pakistan, declined to oblige anymore in the prevalent state of affairs of our country? Pakistan is not performing well in several fields but it has moved up the corruption ladder, from the 42nd rung in 2009 to 34th this year. According to Transparency Internationals report for 2010, Pakistan is more corrupt today than it was last year. As per recent report of TI Pakistans Chief, Adil Gilani that on a list of 178 countries Pakistan fared worse than Bangladesh and India. The perception of the most corrupt government was in 1996 when Pakistan had achieved the second position. In our society there is lawlessness, people are facing intimidation including threats, accusations, kidnapping, attacks, murder, and armed robberies. Our society is full of evils like injustice and tyranny. Karachi, the gateway to Pakistan and as such our window to the world, is at present in a state of turmoil, to say the least. Everyday there is some bad news about the cold-blooded murder of innocent citizens. Every nation can face economic hardships, but decline of moral values is such a calamity and deadly disease which destroy the whole nation. Nations are built with excellent character. Every nation has her life aim and destination. The nations, which do not take into consideration their goal seriously lose their energies and destroy the values of humanity. Scholars and rulers become victim of consideration or expediency and do not dare to speak truth. There is a maxim that when wealth is lost, nothing is lost but when health is lost something is lost. And when character is lost, every thing is lost. In the two-and-a-half years of this PPP-led government, the entire governance and economic system has virtually collapsed. S. A. KHOKHAR, Lahore, November 1.