LAHORE - Cash strapped Punjab Government has allocated over Rs 10 billion for the Annual Development Programme 2010-11, allowing every MPA to propose schemes worth Rs 35.9 million, and like wise every MNA from Punjab can identify projects worth Rs 22.5 million in their respective constituencies, The Nation has learnt. The Punjab government has allocated Rs 2750 million for provision of missing facilities in schools across the province, Rs 2200 million for upgradation of schools, Rs 1485 million for construction of roads, Rs 1237.5 million for water supply and sanitation and Rs 2376 million for carrying out projects under PDP. Out of Rs 35.9 million, MPA is entitled to spend Rs 10 million on provision of missing facilities in schools, Rs 8 million on upgradation of schools, Rs 4.5 million on water supply and sanitation, Rs 5.4 million on construction of road infrastructures and Rs 8 million on schemes under Punjab Development Programme (PDP). Similarly, Out of Rs 22.5 million, MNA can spend Rs 10 million on provision of missing facilities in educational institutions, Rs 8 million on upgradation of schools and Rs 4.5 million on water supply and sanitation schemes. City districts and district governments across the province have been assigned the task to evaluate and execute schemes proposed by MNAs and MPAs. Following allocation of funds and directions from the Punjab Planning and Development Department to evaluate and execute the development projects, CDGs and District Governments have asked parliamentarians to propose schemes in their constituencies. According to the guidelines issued by P&D Department for the CDGs and District Governments for implementing the projects, P&D will place block allocation at the disposal of concerned districts for scheme wise allocation. Finance Department will release funds to the district account as tied grant. DCO will make scheme wise allocation of funds to relevant executing agency within one week. All schemes would be fully funded and completed during the ongoing fiscal year. Commissioner will finalise schemes in consultation with MNAs/MPAs, DCOs and District Officers (DOs) Planning. He then forward final list of schemes with verified cost estimates to DCOs for allocation of funds. He will also oversee and supervise identification of schemes and their implementation in accordance with approved guidelines/criterion and will furnish monthly progress report to concerned administrative department. DCO will review implementation status periodically and furnish scheme wise monthly progress report to P&D Department. Diversion of funds from school education to any other sector is not allowed. However, adjustment within missing facilities and upgradation of schools can be made in exceptional cases. Adjustment within roads and water supply and sanitation can be made in exceptional cases subject to maintaining overall sectoral ceiling at the district level. The funds allocated for PDP schemes would not be re-appropriated for any other purpose.