ISLAMABAD Contrary to the claims of the Government that every thing is under control, the prices of DAP fertilizer have been increased by Rs600 per bag in last three or four days. As per market sources, DAP bag was being sold at Rs2,700 just 4 days earlier and with the start of wheat sowing it has touched the figure of Rs3,300 per bag. The traders would likely mint Rs14 billion by this unjustified increase in price. President Agri Forum Pakistan, Ibrahim Mughal while talking to TheNation said that 20 million bags of DAP fertilizer were used in Rabi season and 1.5 million in Kharif crops. Only in Rabi season, the traders mafia would earn that large amount of money. Mughal further said that there must be many people with share in that money and those who are the policy makers are responsible for the implementation, would take the benefit. He said that his organisation had been insisting for long to print price of the product on the bag and to make it mandatory for the importers while packing the fertilizer but the government has turned deaf ears to the issue. Even the urea fertilizer that is produced locally does not have price tag on it thus providing the room for corruption to the traders and manufacturers. The government must take the decision to print price on the bags if it really wants to save the farmers from the exploitation of farmers, Mughal said. Mughal also said that the increase in the price of the fertilizer would definitely affect the cost of production of wheat crop and someone would get hit and most probably those would be the farmers. It is a widespread perception among the farmer bodies that the government claimed to be a very big supporter of farmers but practically it never took any practical and solid step in their favour.