ISLAMABAD Following its tradition of not achieving the revenue target, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is once again likely to miss the target by around Rs 45 billion in July-October period of the current fiscal year, it is learnt. FBR has collected Rs 395 billion so far in the first four months (July-October) of the year 2010-11, which is likely to go to Rs 400 billion in next few days, while the target for the said period is Rs 444.5 billion, therefore the shortfall will remain at Rs 45 billion, said a government official while talking to TheNation on Wednesday. According to the sources, the Government official assured the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its ongoing talks held in Islamabad that they would achieve the annual target at the end of the fiscal year despite the shortfall in July-October period. The government had blamed unprecedented floods in the country for the shortfall in revenue collection. However, they were of the view that the Government could still achieve the target due to several steps including imposition of flood surcharge, while through introduction of Reformed General Sales Tax (RGST), additional revenue could be collected in second half (Jan-June) of the current financial year. Sources further informed that IMF delegation stressed for the earlier tax reforms in the country so tax leakage should be controlled. FBR had accumulated around Rs 100 billion only in the month of October. The break-up of Rs 100 billion revealed that FBR collected Rs 31 billion as direct taxes while Rs 69 billion as indirect tax. Among indirect taxes, Rs 46 billion was collected as Sales tax, Rs 13 billion as Federal Excise Duty and Rs 10 billion as custom duty in the month of October.