On Supreme Court suo moto notice, the FIA has arrested retired Major Habibullah Waraich for defrauding a public sector organisation to the tune of a cool billion and half. As usual, Waraich called it political victimisation. His son, Mohsin Warraich, once a great buddy of Moonis Elahi, is absconding from the country, believably living in sunny Spain. We are not much concerned about Mohsin or Moonis; it is Waraichs next move we wish to speculate. He will get away as always. He is the typical Don of the famous Indian movie in which he challenged his pursuers: Police of thirteen countries is looking for Don, but getting him is not only difficult but impossible. May be Don Warraich is out of the jug before this letter appears, but he was at least locked up, which is a great solace for the ordinary mortals. People like Warraich dont operate alone; they have long hands and there are many to save them. Already a few of the parliamentarians have come to his rescue. And why not? Because today it is he, tomorrow it could be them. Lo and behold, even Musharraf, who himself is wanted by law of the land, has offered legal help to his former buddy, Warraich. What surprises many though is how could Warraich with an intellectual level of a lowly patwari be among Mushs inner circle? Perhaps Warraich has a golden touch. DR. A. P. SANGDIL, Norway, November 2.