LAHORE - The Pakistan Economy Watch (Pew) on Wednesday said recent hike in the price of petroleum products is a deathblow to masses and economy. The masses already reeling under rocketing inflation will be further burdened because of this unjustified increase. The lame excuse given for price hike to counterbalance impact of the rise in oil prices in the international market is not convincing at all, said Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President PEW. The government is too much concerned about following directives of international lenders and raising funds through indirect taxes which proves that it is not serious about tax reforms. The interest of masses is not a consideration at all, he said. Masses are being deprived of right to live peacefully and comfortably. Majority think that government simply does not care about the people who voted them in power, said Dr. Murtaza Mughal. The move is to push up overall inflation and the cost of industrial as well as agricultural production will go up. Increased transportation cost will contribute towards poverty, he warned. Staff Reporter