ISLAMABAD It was a day of walkouts in the Upper House on Wednesday as MQM from the treasury benches, PML-N and JI from the opposition side and Senators belonging to Balochistan staged separate protest walkouts from the House on different issues. PMl-N and Jamaat-i-Ismali (JI) walked out of the House over the issue of drone attacks and NATO helicopters recent violation of Pak airspace. Raja Zafarul Haq of PML-N and Prof Khursheed Ahmed of JI speaking on the issue said that it was a clear attack on the sovereignty of the country and the government should make such agreement public if it existed between Pakistan and US. Raza Rabbani was of the view that no such agreement existed and the Foreign Office should summon the NATO representative and register its strong protest. In other case, the security forces of Pakistan had the right to retaliate if NATO helicopters continuously violate Pakistans airspace, he added. The House witnessed the second walkout by MQM, the ruling coalition partner, over the issue over the recent rise in petroleum products prices. The third walkout was from the Senators of Balochistan over the delay in construction of Kalat-Quetta road. They were of the view that the government was using delaying tactics in the construction of the main highway as no one had it said that the delay was due to bad law and order and on the other hand said that it was due to the paucity of funds. The House also unanimously passed the Degree Awarding Status to Dawood College of Engineering and Technology Karachi Bill, 2010. Earlier, during the question-answer session, MQM and ANP leaders levelled allegations against each other over the May 12 killings in Karachi while reminding the day of November 3, 2007 when former President Pervez Musharraf had imposed Emergency in the country. The House burst into laughter when Minister for Health, Makhdoom Shahbud Din, without giving proper answer as to what pre-emptive measures his Ministry has taken to control the dengue virus, informed that dengue fever in the country would ultimately diminish due to severe winter in December. The Minister was repeatedly asked whether he had called any meeting of all the Provincial Ministers for Health and Provincial Secretaries Health to take pre-emptive measures but he could not give any satisfactory answer on the issue. The Minister also could not answer that whether proper fumigation has been done to reduce the affected cases of the viral disease. The Senators while taking part in the debate on the law and order of the country, said that the issue of missing persons was still unresolved in Pakistan. They said that target killings especially in Karachi and Balochistan, ethnic killings, sectarian violence and human rights violations were on the rise in the country. Prof Khursheed Ahmed said that midterm elections should be necessarily held at a time when the government failed to deliver, adding that otherwise military intervention or bloody revolution was unavoidable. During the debate, the role of Rehamn Malik as Federal Interior Minister also came under severe criticism as many legislators were of the view that the Minister had totally failed to deliver in terms of law and order. Seemi Siddiqui criticised the role of the Minister into the affairs of Karachi questioning that what was Sindh Interior Ministry doing? While responding to a call attention notice regarding sale of substandard soft drinks in the Capital and involvement of the capital police in the illegal business of wine, State Minister for Interior Tasneem Ahmed Qureshi said that his Ministry had investigated the matter and both the charges were baseless. Prof Khursheed Ahmed urged the House to probe the scam of $260 billion gold mines as published in a section of the press. Leader of the House assured the House that the deal would be made transparent before the Chairman Senate announced to adjourn the House till Thursday at 10:30am.