ISLAMABAD Following a written request by Ministry of Religious Affairs, Foreign Office is all set to enquire the authenticity into the letter written by a Saudi prince. Utterly alarmed by the accusations levelled against it, Ministry of Religious Affairs has requested the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to verify if the letter (through which the prince accused Ministry of Religious Affairs of massive corruption during Haj) was fake or true. Sources said that Foreign Office was expected to write to authorities in its Mission in Jeddah today (Thursday) to verify if the same letter was written by the prince or not. Regardless of the authenticity into the letter, original documents available with TheNation, are sufficient to prove that the officials of the Ministry of Religious Affairs had badly failed in providing standard facilities to the Hajis (pilgrims) from Pakistan in the past. They caused loss worth millions of Saudi Riyals to the national exchequer. Documents reveal that authorities of Ministry of Religious have been accused of providing the pilgrims residences in substandard buildings with poor facilities. To the shock of many, the Pakistani Hajis have been denied sufficient quantity of water (the basic facility) at their residences during their stay for Haj. Most importantly, the scrutiny of building vacation report for the year 2006-07 and 2007-08 revealed the Directorate General Haj Jeddah hired substandard Haj accommodations. In large number of cases, the Director Haj Khuddam-ul-Hujjaj reported the poor condition of the buildings, non-cooperation of buildings owners, short supply of water and other problems in escalator system. The Director, Khuddam-ul-Hujjaj proposed penalty of SR51, 543 and SR33,248 during Hajj-December, 2006 and December 2007. Moreover, Directorate of Haj failed to recover the penalties imposed by Khuddam-ul-Hajj from the owners of buildings, stated the official documents available with TheNation. The documents revealed that the government had to suffer loss of SR 84,791. After taking a look at detailed paragraphs mentioned below, one can observe how the concerned officials of Ministry of Religious Affairs teased the Hajis during Haj. As per policy and plan of Haj December 2006 and 2007, buildings situated beyond the prescribed distance of 1500 meters from Harman Sharif were not to be hired for Hajis. On the contrary, Directorate General of Haj Jeddah hired twenty buildings situated at a distance of more than prescribed limit of 1500 meters. An amount of SR14.450 million was paid as a rent for these buildings during Hajj-December 2006, 2007 which was unauthorized. This observation was conveyed to Ministry in November 2009. The Ministry replied that a minimal number of buildings were hired at the distance more than 1,500 meters from Haram Sharif. It is pertinent to mention here that the buildings were hired with the approval of competent authority. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Government of Pakistan have fixed 3-square metre space per pilgrim in Tasreeh and Haj Policy for hiring of Hujjaj accommodation at Makkah. The Tasreeh contains lodging capacity, number of rooms and floor whereas Haj policy contains, among other provisions, bathrooms and kitchens facilities. Buildings are to be hired on the basis of these documents. The Directorate of Haj made a payment of SR2.647 million for the accommodation over and above Tasreeh, in respect of 37 buildings. Hajis from Pakistan also suffered hardships and discomfort. The expenditure of SR 2.647 million, according to the documents available with TheNation, due to accommodation capacity over and above the Tasreeh was held irregular. However, Ministry of Religious Affairs never bothered to take action in this regard in order to put the things right.