ISLAMABAD The Supreme Court, taking notice of the letter of a Saudi prince relating to the alleged corruption in allotment of accommodations to Pakistani Hajis (pilgrims), has summoned the Federal Ministry for Religious Affairs to submit explanation in this regard within 15 days. According to details, Prince Bandar Bin Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, in his letter to the Chief Justice, wrote that he had submitted a quotation for accommodations for some 35,000 Hajis for Saudi Riyals (SR) 3,350, which was just 2km from Haram Sharif, but the Pakistani authorities in Saudi Arabia refused the quotation and rented out buildings some 3.5km from Haram, whose actual rent was not more than SR1,500 but the Pakistani officials were demanding SR3,400 to SR3,600 from the Pakistani pilgrims. The letter says, It indicates the presence of corruption and abuse of pilgrims money, who gather it over the years. It further stated that the people of Pakistan were weak and poor otherwise, how the government officials could waste and squander their money. We hope to attend a committee instant, headed by the Ministry of Hajj to stand on the ground and we have strong evidence that established the existence of corruption and embezzlement of money, the letter further stated. Zulfiqar Ahmed Bhutta Advocate Supreme Court, who has also filed petition on Haj arrangements, while talking to TheNation alleged that Pakistani officials who were responsible for arranging accommodations for the Hajis were involved in corrupt practices and getting kickbacks deliberately by choosing such accommodations which are not preferable by other governments. He said the Government arranged accommodations for Hajis in Azizia and its adjoining areas, which is closer to Minna rather than Haram. He said due to accommodations being far away from Haram the pilgrims could not offer five-time prayers, especially of Fajar and Tahajjad prayers, in Haram with other faithfuls 'jamaat. He said that the accommodations are mostly arranged at such distance from Haram for which taxi usually charges Rs1,500 to Rs2,000 during late night hours. Bhutta has also challenged airfare of Haj and Umra of PIA in the Supreme Court. The PIA return fare/ticket for Haj is about Rs120,000 and for Umrah return ticket is more than Rs55,000, while Ariana (Afghan International Airlines) return air fare for Umrah and Hajj is Rs43,000, and Qatar Emirates International Airlines fare is much cheaper. He demanded that investigation should be held headed by chief of Military Intelligence with the help of FIA, Intelligence Bureau and senior officials of police.