PUNE (India) The revelation by South African batsman Herschelle Gibbs that late Hansie Cronje had made fixing offer to the team members in 1996 is nothing new as Cronje himself had testified to the same, says Frans Cronje. Speaking exclusively to this scribe from South Africa, he said: Strange that the media made a fuss of this. Everything that Gibbs mentions in this article was told by Hansie during the King Commission. We even showed the offer in the movie. It was also mentioned in the biography of Hansie that we published in 2005. The incident took place at the end of a two-month India tour during which the visitors played three Tests (losing the series 2-1). The last match was a limited-overs affair in Mumbai, which had originally been planned as a benefit match for Mohinder Amarnath, but was eventually upgraded to full international status. A number of the South African players were sick at the end of a difficult tour; most of them were unhappy that the match had been upgraded and hardly anyone was in the mood to play. According to the Commission report, the lawyer Shamila Bathohi asked Cronje as to why he didnt take the money offered for the Mumbai match himself without talking to the team. Discussing the meeting in which the team deliberated over the Mumbai offer, Cronje made the following remark: I also made it clear that, in my opinion, if we were going to do it, then the whole team must be on it. I didnt want to take it, if there were 14 of us in the room, all 14 had to be in, not just 13, but all 14". This attitude appeared very magnanimous, even if not totally ethical. Cronje took an offer to the team to lose the match in return for a total amount of between $ 200,000 and $ 250,000 (the players recollections differ on the exact amount). The offer was discussed and rejected, with strongest resistance coming from Andrew Hudson, Derek Crooks and Daryll Cullinan.