Pardon me, Sir

Weekly magazine NEWS WEEK issue dated Nov 1, 2010, should be banned and Holywood actress Angelina Jolie, who visited Pakistan as representative of UNHCR should be prosecuted for letting out a state secret, the secrecy of which is, so vital for promoting democracy in Pakistan. All political parties who are coalition partners, of federal government are supporting a political party which does not have enough votes to form a government by itself, but is dependent on crutches provided by champions of democracy but hungry and having insatiable lust for power. Democracy in Pakistan is not yet of the ugliest form. Its Worse face is not far off. Transparency International has promoted us from 42nd position to 34th. We shall soon be on top. Good news for Mian Nawaz Sharif, for democracy will not be derailed, our country, God forbid might. Democracy will make us TAMBAKTU. History will record its laurels for Muslim Leagues, both Q and N, ANP and MQM along with a certificate of Merit for JUI. Credit can be claimed in varying degrees by all, for the worst governance in the history of Pakistan. Miss Angelina Jolie slated the Pakistani Prime Minister as insensitive to his countrys needs. She had the audacity to describe the stance of Gilani as baseless and incorrect. We all know it fully well. The only thing is that we do neither express it in so many words nor reduce it in writing. He is of the opinion that we should believe whatever he says. If not then it is an insult to the office of the prime minister. Miss Angelina Jolie further disclosed that PMs wife, two sons, daughter and a grand son flew to Islamabad on Sept 8 on a private jet to meet Jolie and that she was perturbed to see that the family was interested in dining with her in fanfare and bonanza and had audacity of doling out expensive gifts. All this has reportedly been denied by PMs office. We know this also, for he has least sympathy or consideration for tax payers money. With no money in the national kitty, he is sporting the largest cabinet of ministers, advisors etc. Half the cabinet members are accused of corruption. Our child hood teachings included profound respect for the tribesmen of our holy Prophet, known popularly as Sayyeds and never to utter a word of disrespect for anyone of them. I seek forgiveness from SYED Yousaf Reza Gilani if I am considered to have erred, deliberately or unwittingly. HADI IQBAL HUSSAIN, Lahore, November 2.

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