NEW YORK US President Barack Obama, shifting his focus from Democratic Partys huge setback at Tuesdays polls to his upcoming visit to India, said Wednesday that issues such as New Delhis bid for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council and its desire for the US to relax export controls on dual-use technologies are very difficult and complicated. The President made that statement in the course of an interview with Press Trust of India (PTI) news agency during which the K-word wasnt mentioned at all. Of course, the Indian correspondent wasnt expected to raise it, nor did President Obama take an opportunity to voice US concerns over the deteriorating situation of human rights in India. But his comments about the UNSC will throw a bit of cold water on speculation that the president was planning to use the trip to announce US backing for Indias permanent membership on the 15-member council and may be discouraging to the foreign policy establishment in New Delhi. President Obama said that he supports Indias rise as a global power and called Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh one of the most extraordinary leaders I have met, according to PTI. The President said that he expected to make big-ticket announcements in India, but the PTI report didnt include any specifics. Commercial deals in sectors such as aviation and transportation are likely, WSJ has reported. The two nations stalled civil nuclear energy partnership will be a hot topic. Obama said that the US has concerns about Indias recently passed nuclear liability law and the governments of the two countries are working together to resolve them, according to PTI. India is hopeful the U.S. will relax its export restrictions on several high-tech products with both peaceful and military uses, but Obamas comments indicated there are complex negotiations underway on that. Our teams continue to work hard to reach an agreement that strengthens the international non-proliferation system while treating India in a manner that is consistent with our strategic partnership, he told PTI. Asked about US role with regard to Pakistan making progress toward sentencing militants allegedly behind 2008 Mumbai attacks, said Pakistan had a responsibility toward bringing perpetrators to justice transparently, fully and urgently. Obama also praised Pakistans ongoing anti-terror efforts and the sacrifices it has offered in the fight against militants operating along the Afghan border. Pakistan is taking important steps and making sacrifices in our shared fight against extremism, and we will continue to underscore the importance of taking additional action to eliminate terrorist safe havens, he said.