ISLAMABAD Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani conveyed profound gratitude of his government and the people of Pakistan to the custodian of two holy mosques and King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud for his personal appeal to the Saudi people for contributing towards relief assistance for Pakistans flood victims. The Prime Minister said that it was gratifying to note that the King himself contributed over US $ 110 million out of the total collection so far of US $ 242 million which would be utilised for establishing air bridges under which 30 plane loads as well as 1000 truck loads of relief supplies have reached Pakistan. The Prime Minister was talking to Ambassador of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Abdul Aziz bin Ibrahim bin Salih Al-Ghadeer who called on him at the Prime Ministers House Wednesday morning. The Prime Minister said that every logistic support would be arranged by NDMA and the provincial authorities for setting up the second 100-bed field hospital donated by Saudi Arabia in the Rajanpur area which is one of the worst affected region and lacks proper medical facilities for the flood affectees. The Prime Minister also thanked the Ambassador for his relentless efforts to visit almost all the flood affected areas in the country and to personally deliver the relief goods to the flood victims and supervise the Saudi relief activities. The Prime Minister also appreciated that Saudi Arabia had generously pledged and timely disbursed its pledge of US $ 700 million of assistance to Pakistan at the Donors Conference held in Tokyo and had steadfastly stood by Pakistan in every crisis. He underlined that Pakistan and its people greatly value their relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and have sentimental attachment with the people and the custodian of two holy mosques. The Prime Minister also mentioned that his Governments national strategy for reconstruction would be presented during the forthcoming meeting of Pakistan Development Forum to enlist the support of major friendly countries. He hoped that Saudi Arabia would be appropriately represented in the PDF meeting. Ambassador Abdul Aziz bin Ibrahim bin Salih Al-Ghadeer thanked the Prime Minister for his kind expressions for the King and the people of Saudi Arabia. He informed him that the King of Saudi Arabia had provided him an aircraft and ordered him to personally visit all the areas hit by the floods in Pakistan and personally undertook the relief activities. The Ambassador said that the King had further instructed him to fully coordinate the relief activities with the government of Pakistan for the optimum utilisation of Saudi generated assistance to reach the most deserving people in every region, and that the King had asked him to convey the assurances of his government that Pakistan would not be left alone to fend for itself in the phase of this unprecedented calamity and the people of Saudi Arabia would do every thing in their capacity to help their Pakistani brethren until the rehabilitation and reconstruction phases are completed. He said that Pakistan had a special place in the hearts and minds of the King and the people of Saudi Arabia. Given the tremendous amount of goodwill on both sides, he added, these fraternal ties would continue to grow from strength to strength even in the future. The Ambassador said that Saudi Arabia would actively participate in the PDF meeting scheduled to be held in Islamabad from Nov 14-15 and the Saudi Mission in Islamabad would continue to coordinate provision of assistance with the Pakistani authorities for their best possible use.