LAHORE - An eight-member delegation of the United States Trade Development Agency (USTDA) and Energy Marketing Group (EMG) held a meeting at Islamabad with Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) Chairman Shakil Durrani and other stakeholders of energy sector in Pakistan with a view to identifying the energy projects for USTDA funding for feasibility studies, technical assistance and capacity building activities. Speaking on the occasion, WAPDA Chairman said that it is imperative for Pakistan to harness indigenous energy resources, hydel and coal in particular, to cope with the increasing demand of electricity. This will not only help inject low-cost electricity in the national grid but also culminate into socio-economic development of the country. He said that the Government has devised a multi-ferrous plan for exploiting these resources to bridge the gap between demand and supply of electricity. The Chairman further said that Pakistan highly values the US assistance for supplementing the efforts to overcome the energy crisis. He expressed the hope that the US would continue supporting Pakistan in this regard. The delegation was informed that WAPDA is fully focused on optimal utilization of the hydropower potential, which stands at about 60,000 megawatts (MW). The delegation was apprised that over half a dozen hydropower projects of more than 1400 MW accumulated generation capacity are in the construction phase, three projects of about 4800 MW are available for initiating construction work, another five mega projects with a total capacity of 13200 MW are in the detailed engineering design phase, while feasibility studies of several projects with thousands of MW of generation capacity are also in progress. A detailed deliberation was also made to the delegation about 740-MW Munda Dam Project on Swat River. The delegation was informed that WAPDA is executing this multi-purpose project on priority, as it would help control floods, ensure availability of irrigation water and provide low-cost hydel electricity. In response to WAPDAs advertisement regarding Expression of Interest (EoI) for consultancy services for detailed engineering design and preparation of tender documents for Munda Dam, a number of renowned companies have shown their interest for the purpose, it was further told. Rehabilitation of Warsak Dam and upgradation of Mangla Power House, treatment of saline water and installation of treatment plant as a pilot project were also discussed.