Passing CSS exam is a dream come true for many. Many spend years preparing for the CSS exam and after putting in so much hard work and passing they face a new dilemma. Tough they have qualified and their name is included in the final merit list, but only few seats are announced. Normally 250 seats are announced every year. People with low merit are often not allocated to any of the group. Conversely, there is 5% quota reserved in CSS for the military. Every year candidates from the military are allocated to the groups of CSS without passing the written exam. This seems to be an injustice meted to candidates, who despite having passing this tough exam are not allocated to any group.

The government should make an amendment in the FPSC rules and allocate those candidates who are in low merit to some provincial departments. A BPS-16 or BPS-17 jobs in the provincial departments should be given to those candidates who have not been allocated to any of the groups because of low merit. Passing the CSS a big achievement so a way should be carved for all the candidates who have not been allocated to any of the groups.


Karachi, November 2.