Government has been giving advertisement in newspapers regarding filing of income tax returns and mentioning benefits, in the form of comparison of tax rates. Surely the cost of this huge advertisement will be paid from the pocket of the taxpayers! I suggest that the Government should also publish their own expenses, the expenses they incurred in collecting tax and how it could have been done with much less money spent. They should also inform us, the tax payers, of how much less electricity was consumed, by the ministry and if they were able to collect tax from the very rich, who find ways of evading their net. Can they also inform us how our money is wasted, by different ministries, in their VVIP culture, the number of cars they have and how much fuel allowance they have. This will encourage more tax payer to pay their taxes and file their return on time instead of just asking to pay tax and file a return and get the benefit of tax rates, which is?


Karachi, November 1.